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Gateway Ladies Ministry is on the move...


Jewels for Jesus (J4J) is Gateway Ladies Ministry led by Lady Kathy Williams (President) and Sis. Josie & Doreen James (Coordinators).  Through support groups, conferences, classes, and relationship building, Jewels for Jesus women both young and mature will find healing, encouragement, and renewal releasing them into their destinies as friends, mothers, wives, and leaders in the church.

The J4J’s objective is to exemplify the very essence of these two verses (Malachi 3:17-18) in all we do so that when others see us, they will clearly see the difference it makes between being a person who does the right thing which is serving God as opposed to a person who is not serving Him!


J4J is comprised of a group of women who are committed to a deepening relationship with Christ through diligent prayer and the study of the Scriptures.


As a result, we pray to be spiritually mature women, confident in our gifts and courageous in our words, so we can reach out in love to impact our community as well as our church for Christ.


Sharing Christ with those who do not know Him; strengthening the faith of Christian women who do.


Our ladies ministry is based upon the idea of Sisters Inspiring, Supporting, Teaching, Encouraging, and Reaching Sisters in their seasons of life as singles, wives, mothers, homemakers, and career builders.  


It is a women's ministry that addresses the issues of women in various stages of their lives, as well as helping them to grow in their spiritual walk.


We Serve - To encourage women in the body of Christ and in the community to love and serve with excellence.


Our Outreach – Is to provide opportunities for women to reach out into the community to share the love of Christ.

2017 Annual Ladies Breakfast

Saturday, May 13th @ 9am

This is a glance of our program.  It was phenomenal!!!

Painting with a Twist!

Another fabulous event!

Click here for photos from our event!

Ladies Tea & Fashion Show

2016 Ladies Tea was fabulous!

Click here for photos from our event!

J4J New Year New You Event

Highlights from our Women in Battle Event


"What is it like being raped?"

J4J presents a glimpse at the 2015 Ladies Breakfast.  Enjoy the photos!

Slideshow will advance automatically or you may click on the arrow to more forward or backwards.  More details of the event coming soon.


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